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Conspire Magazine

Five years ago we had this idea to do a magazine. After lots of brainstorms and flip-charts, we came up with the name Conspire. That name captured the edge of what we hoped for—“subversive friendships” plotting goodness together,—which is what we have been about. And it shares the same root as “inspire” (or “perspire”!)… so it is about breathing together (spirit means “breath”).

In some ways, Conspire was a way of going beyond newsletter updates—it has been about connecting the dots, harmonizing our voices, unifying a movement.

Folks told us magazines are on their way out, just do a blog. But we were convinced—and still are—that there is something special about holding carefully-crafted, meticulously- edited, beautifully-illustrated periodical artifact in your hand. And there is something about reading together that goes deeper than catching the latest buzz on the web. Five years later, we have seen the power of a magazine, even in the age of the blogosphere.

Even though we at The Simple Way have been the midwives of the magazine from its con- ception… we did not see it as only ours and we certainly have not felt the need to brand it as “a publication of The Simple Way”. Thankfully we saw folks join this conspiracy from around the world—from the US to Australia, folks living in prison, even on death row.

We are so proud of the twenty-one issues that we have created and the countless authors, photographers, illustrators, editors, and administrators that have con- spired to create each of these masterpieces. Over twenty-one magazines are now in print and being passed around from hand to hand all over the world. One of the great gifts has been cross pollinating between our “Co-Conspirators”, the many different groups that contribute and distribute—from the onset we said it is a literary coop.

So now for the big news.

As you may have noticed, our most recent issue, which you now hold in your hands, is late. We’ve been in the midst of deliberations about the future of Conspire, and I am proud about the decision we have made, though it has taken much time and prayer.

Like a bird from its nest, we at The Simple Way are going to be releasing the magazine, and watch it fly. We believe the wings are strong enough, and we are excited about what is ahead.

No one has put more energy, imagination, and sweat into Conspire than our friends Darin and Meeghan Petersen. They will be carrying on the work of Conspire through Rewire Labs. Many of the familiar people you know and love like Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, John Pattison, and Beth Rhodes will continue to work for Conspire, and we hope that all of you will continue to contribute and support this work with even more passion and intention.

This will be the final issue of Conspire that The Simple Way are directly responsible for, but we are looking forward to all that is ahead—for the magazine and for the movement. We are as delighted as ever to continue to be one of the many Co-Conspirators, and we look forward to working with Rewire Labs and all of you as we breathe together and continue to plot goodness.

Shane Claiborne
Co-Founder of The Simple Way and Co-publisher of Conspire Magazine

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