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Conspire Magazine celebrates creativity, connection, and faith amongst a growing network of subversive friends.

Conspire explores in a collaborative, creative, and corporate way some of the unique issues that arise from community life. At the same time, it engages the struggles of many who are not in such communities. Some of us are seeking community. Others of us are recovering from community. Some of us would be thrilled to find just one kindred spirit. Conspire exists for people in all those different places.

You’ll find grounded biblical reflection; painfully honest personal stories of failure, hope, discipleship and challenge; heart-stoking artwork; poetry and fiction that’s paying attention; probing social analysis; gentle and humorous confessions. It’s earthy, human, thoughtful, and sometimes ridiculous. We’re not holy or hip. We’re just people talking about this, that, and the other as we try to live authentically.

Getting Involved

A primary way Conspire is distributed is through a great network of co-conspirators who would be glad to share a copy of Conspire with you! Check to see if one is in your neighborhood. Because we are trying to build community and connections, not just be another magazine, we hope you will try to pick up a copy and meet new friends! Individual subscriptions are also available through the website.



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    Shane Claiborne
    Darin Petersen
    Design Director
    Beth Rhodes
    Executive Editor
    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
  • Managing Editor
    John Pattison
    Subscription Manager
    Meeghan Petersen

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